Integrated Design Is our Specialty

Giamportone Design is an Architecture and Sustainable Design Consulting firm with a focus on environmentally sensitive planning and design.


We believe that it is imperative to work collaboratively to achieve an integrated design solution. We are skilled at managing that process and often team with other firms or are consultants to other firms and organizations. Giamportone Design is part of The Design Group, a collaborative of sustainable architects that share resources and expertise, and also teams with Quinn Evans| Architects and Springer Architects. Giamportone Design teams with Linnean Soulutions, The Green Engineer, RMI and others for Sustainability Consulting and Energy Modeling.  We have found that a participatory process, engaging the owners and users as an integral part of the design process, creates better solutions for the stakeholders. Listening closely, carefully setting goals and detailed programs and understanding the owner’s perspective and business are invaluable for positive outcomes.


Our integrated design approach results in well designed buildings that are better for the occupants, better for the environment and better for the bottom line. It addresses the Triple Bottom Line of Environment, Equity and Economics. The buildings have natural daylight and healthy indoor environments. They save energy and use less natural resources and they increase the value of the property while reducing operating costs. We think it is important to have durable buildings that are flexible and can be adapted easily over time. We don’t have a particular style, but believe that buildings should fit comfortably into their context.


Diverse project experience allows us to knowledgeably integrate sustainable approaches as part of the design process. It is our passion for both design and the environment that sets us apart.


Giamportone Design was founded in 2006 to create greener built environments through healthier, high-performance building design and planning and we are committed to design excellence and client service. Giamportone Design is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and an Energy Star Partner. We bring to bear expertise and diverse talents to solve design challenges in a more sustainable way.

We bring to the table:

  • An integrated Design Process
  • Flexible teaming capability
  • A creative and experienced team
  • Diverse project experience
  • A broad range of products and services
  • Design/Build Experience

Giamportone Design stands apart

Want to learn more about our philosophy?

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